Cardinal Pin Program

So What's the Story?
GoldPin.jpgBeginning in about 2003 or 2004 (someone will have to clarify this for me since I wasn't working for the Foundation at that time) all graduates received a red cardinal pin and a little card that says, "Please wear this pin proudly! You are a valued member of the MLS Alumni family and an ambassador for future MLS generations."

Shortly thereafter we also began distributing silver colored (representing 25 years) and gold colored (representing 50 years) pins to grads who had reached those milestones and returned to campus for a reunion or other event.
Well, I Never Got One
We are happy to give you the pin(s) you are entitled to. Next time you are on campus ask someone to direct you to the MLS Foundation office, and we'll give you one.

Representatives frequently have pins with them when they travel as well.

OK, But I Lost Mine
That happens. Since there are probably several of you in this situation, those who need replacement pins can order them. Just call the Foundation office 989-793-7511 and we will help you with that.

Is your class having a reunion? Many classes have their own website or page on Facebook. If you would like us to share the link here, please email it to foundation@mlsem.org.
Because accurate contact information is vital to hosting a successful reunion, we urge you to update your information regularly with the MLS Foundation or on the Alumni Directory.
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