logo.jpg Gifts of Thanksgiving

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”
2 Corinthians 9:11
We are grateful for the many donors who assist the MLS Foundation each month and through it the projects and needs of Michigan Lutheran Seminary.
Gifts given in November 2016
In Memory of Loved Ones
in memory of Ray Arnold
John & Sarah Heathcock
in memory of Judy Barckholtz and Bill Barckholtz
Daniel & Jane Barckholtz
in memory of Fred Boehringer
Ann Arnold
Cindy Dodge
Gertrude Gridley
Judy Jackson
in memory of Carl and Virginia Borchardt
Ruth Obermiller

in memory of Jim Frohmader
Richard & Susan Fitzpatrick

in memory of Richard Gensmer
Rev John & Sarah Bortulin and Family
Al & Sue Cereske
Jim & Sue Finkbeiner
Hogey & Janet Holtz
Eric & Emily Reed
James & Betty Roekle
Paul & Joyce Schultz
Jerab & Erin Smith
Leroy & Susan Terrian

in memory of Jeanette Landry
Ron & Barb Schreiner

in memory of Shirley Patzwaldt
Ed & Gudrun Bueche
in memory of Dawn Petermann
Hogey & Janet Holtz
in memory of Doris Schmugge
James & Betty Roekle
Paul & Joyce Schultz
Bethany Saginaw and St John Saginaw PTO

in memory of Frederick Winter
Barbara Buchholz

In Honor of Special Individuals
in honor of Dale and Nancy Kettler
Sarah Day
in honor of Coach Dietrich
Al & Sue Cereske

In Gratitude to God for His Gracious Gifts
Rev John & Patricia Brenner
Amanda Buono
Al & Sue Cereske
Randy & Valorie Compton
Richard & Linda Douglas
Myron Dunbar
Brien & Margaret Dwyer
John & Linda Evans
Janet Hahm
William & Elaine Hayes
Alan Herman
Gregg & Kristine Iles

Timothy & Nancy Iles
Lynne Irving
Marvin & Karen Israel
Rev Armin & Marion Keibel
Larry & Janet Kirkman
Ralph & Virgene Klockziem
James & Carla Koeppen
Rev Robert Koeppen
Michael & Pam Krueger
Ruth Malchow
Dale & Elizabeth Marquardt
Lee & Amy Miller

Scott & Anne Miller
John & Mary Mitchell
Rev John & Leah Qualmann
Paul & Joyce Schultz
Rev Jerome & Lily Spaude
Alan & Roxanne Steffe
Rev Karl & Carolyn Vertz
Rodney Wallace
Ronald Wenzel
Rev Daniel & Eunice Westendorf
Faith Lutheran Church, Harrison, MI
Grace Lutheran Church, Durand, MI
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