logo.jpg Gifts of Thanksgiving

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”
2 Corinthians 9:11
We are grateful for the many donors who assist the MLS Foundation each month and through it the projects and needs of Michigan Lutheran Seminary.
Gifts given in May 2017
In Memory of Loved Ones
in memory of Harold & Clara Burwitz
Audrey Jeschke
in memory of Eunice (Stobb) Cherry
Patricia Hill
John & Janet Wesenberg

in memory of Classmates from the MLS Class of 1953
Arnold & JoAnn Heyer
in memory of Arlene Eckert
David Eckert
in memory of Donald Holzhueter
Marie Sazy
in memory of August Klement
David Eckert

in memory of Melvin N Larsen
Gladys Larsen
in memory of Allan Leyrer
William Durrant
Floyd & Jane Feusse
Barbara Hall
Patricia Hartnagle
Eric Kern
Stuart Kern
Walter Kionka
James Krueger
Elizabeth Kueffner
Daniel & Brandi Leyrer

in memory of Allan Leyrer (cont.)
Wayne Mueller
Chenelle Sauer
Scott Sproull
Bruce Twietmeyer
in memory of Edgar Riffel
Lowell & Nancy Kraft
in memory of Helen Berger Schultz
Philip Punzel
in memory of Lenore (Eckert) Zehnder
David Eckert
in memory of Dorothea Adams
Craig Adams

In Honor of Special Individuals
in honor of Dale and Nancy Kettler
Justyn & Sarah Day
in honor of the MLS Class of 1953
Arnold & JoAnn Heyer

in honor of the MLS Class of 1967
Glenda Hadaya
Janine Holcomb
Sam & Ruth Ann Izzat
In Gratitude to God for His Gracious Gifts
Anonymous Donors
George & Sarah Black
David & Christina Broekhuizen
Amanda Buono
Gary & Debra Campbell
Al & Sue Cereske
Thomas Cereske
Randy & Valorie Compton
Ronald Conrad
Debby Dohm
John & Linda Evans
Jim & Sue Finkbeiner
Dr Amy Hagen
John & Dorothy Haus
Shirley Hoag
Timothy & Nancy Iles
Lynne Irving
Marvin & Karen Israel
Rev Armin & Marion Keibel
Ned & Nancy Kleinke
Michael & Pam Krueger
William LaGore
Ruth Malchow
Dale & Elizabeth Marquardt
Daniel & Nancy Maul
Wilma Maus
Eric Metz
Lee & Amy Miller
Michelle Miller
Scott & Anne Miller
John & Mary Mitchell
Dennis Peters
Dale & Eunice Peterson
Wendy Ristow
David & Christina Scharrer
John & Lori Schlavensky
Paul & Joyce Schultz
Wesley & Janet Siebert
Donald & Barbara Stobb
Gale Tollefson
Mark Virant
Phyllis Wall
Terry & Melanie Watts
Ronald Wenzel
Rev Daniel & Eunice Westendorf
Glen Eden Lutheran Memorial Park, Livonia, MI
Grace Lutheran Church, Durand, MI
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