logo.jpg Gifts of Thanksgiving

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”
2 Corinthians 9:11
We are grateful for the many donors who assist the MLS Foundation each month and through it the projects and needs of Michigan Lutheran Seminary.
Gifts given in June 2017
In Memory of Loved Ones
in memory of Mel Arnold
Tuji Arnold
in memory of Thomas Arras
Walter Oelhafen
Philip & Adrienne Frey
Al & Sue Cereske

in memory of Mona Lea Bartsch
Rev Keith & Ardis Haag
in memory of Harold & Clara Burwitz
Audrey Jeschke
in memory of Eunice Cherry
Esther Doletzky
Anonymous Donor

in memory of Prof Werner Franzman
Marietta Paap
in memory of Pastor Theodore and Dorothy Frey
Lance & Susan Wice
in memory of Jim Frohmader
Richard & Susan Fitzpatrick
in memory of Walt Graham
Leon & Katherine Brands
Rev John & Sarah Bortulin

in memory of Carlton and Marge Haglund
Michael & Janice Bolen
in memory of Lois L Krauss
Charles & Darla Edwards
Ryan & Carla Gray
Mitchell & Maria Krauss
Marla Ohrmundt

in memory of Melvin Larsen
Gladys Larsen
in memory of Marena (Waidelich) Mikol
Tom & Judie Conzelmann
Ronald & Patricia Loesel

in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Donald Ortner
Naomi Rehfeldt
in memory of Kathy Pacholke
Tom & Judie Conzelmann
in memory of Deborah Poppy
Dean & Suzanne Poppy
in memory of Jerold Schuknecht
Rev Robert Koeppen
in memory of William Starke
Kristen Smith

In Honor of Special Individuals
in honor of Dale and Nancy Kettler
Justyn & Sarah Day
in honor of the MLS class of 1947
Dallas & Marie Heine

in honor of the MLS class of 1967
Clarence Jenkins
In Gratitude to God for His Gracious Gifts
Anonymous Donors
Paul Allar
Robert & Jodi Arrowsmith
SSgt Ralph & Beverly Ast
Robert Baeckl
Edward & Karen Baldwin
Carl Borchardt
Tom & Carlene Boyd
Amanda Buono
Al & Sue Cereske
Randy & Valorie Compton
Wayne Dahnert
Richard & Linda Douglas
Myron Dunbar
John & Linda Evans
Richard & Susan Fitzpatrick
Thomas Furnner
Nathan Guhl
William & Elaine Hayes
Daniel & Lori Hensler
Ted Hiller
Daniel Hutchinson
Rev Charles & Sheryl Illes
Lynne Irving
Marvin & Karen Israel
James & Diana Johnson
Rev Armin & Marion Keibel
Chris & Gina Kestner
Joe King
Larry & Janet Kirkman
James & Carla Koeppen
Timothy Koinis
Michael & Pam Krueger
Cindy Krueger
William LaGore
Prof David & Penny Lecker
Gary Lehr
Dale & Elizabeth Marquardt
Olga Meinzer
Scott & Anne Miller
Lee & Amy Miller
John & Mary Mitchell
Steven Montaba
Allen Mortimer
Arlene Mossner
Lloyd & Bernice Muehlfeld
Ruth Obermiller
Wayne Pennell
Dennis Peters
Gordon Peters
Dale & Eunice Peterson
Richard Press
Craig Rau
Michael & Nancy Reis
Richard Richter
Wendy Ristow
Reed Romain
Douglas Schleef
Keith & Sherry Schultz
Paul & Joyce Schultz
JoAnn Southwell
Rev Milton & Nila Spaude
Rev Ethan & Dione Steinbrenner
Bob Sweeney
James & Francine Thews
Gale Tollefson
Rodney Wallace
Prof Carl & Audrey Weihrauch
Rev Daniel & Eunice Westendorf
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Midland, MI
Grace Lutheran Church, Durand, MI

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