logo.jpg Gifts of Thanksgiving

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”
2 Corinthians 9:11
We are grateful for the many donors who assist the MLS Foundation each month and through it the projects and needs of Michigan Lutheran Seminary.
Gifts given in December 2015
In Memory of Loved Ones
in memory of Jim Frohmader
Richard & Susan Fitzpatrick

in memory of Harold and Clara Burwitz
Audrey Jeschke
in memory of Margaret Bents
Dewayne Bents
in memory of Rev John & Ruth Brenner
Stephen & Laura Balza
in memory of Prof Gerald Cudworth
Irene Cudworth
in memory of Mary Eckert
Roy & Ruth Elie
in memory of Rev Hilmar & Arlene Eckert
Roy & Ruth Elie
in memory of Gerry Gosdeck
Pamela Rau
in memory of Jay Hammerbacher
Bruce & Nancy Winkler

in memory of Rev Ted & June Horneber
Roy & Ruth Elie
in memory of Steven Huegel
Douglas & Loraine Stindt
in memory of Melvin N Larsen
Gladys Larsen
in memory of Mike Lehman
Anonymous Donor
in memory of Maxine (Towne) Maguire
Richard Towne
in memory of Marlene Schwanke-Marks
David & Tamara Angus
Norman Marks

in memory of Marty Rase
Barbara Welch
in memory of Lyle Ogg
Wanda Ogg

in memory of David Palenske
Barbara Petty
in memory of Deborah Poppy
Dean & Suzanne Poppy
in memory of Dean Post
Michael Eddy
in memory of Liz Pretzer
John & Ellen Pretzer
in memory of Ronald E Sauers
Florence Sauers
in memory of Frank A Watts
Terry & Melanie Watts
in memory of Rev Roland Welch
Barbara Welch
in memory of Grant Whelton
Gudrun Bueche
in memory of Jay Bode Zitter
Richard & June Tesauro

In Honor of Special Individuals
in honor of 40th class reunion
Rev David & Bonnie Clark
in honor of Harold Fuhrmann
Paul & Joyce Schultz
in honor of Dale & Nancy Kettler
Sarah Day
in honor of Ray Pretzer
John & Ellen Pretzer
in honor of Larry & Kay Retberg
† John Henderson & Ronda
in honor of organists Brenda Schaffer and Cathy Schmiege
Geraldine Krause

in honor of Doug & Loraine Stindt
Lynette Sue Stindt
in honor of Jim & Susan Weir
Dr Michael & Marcia Wolohan
in thankfulness to the Lord for John Kaesmeyer's service
Rev Keith & Rachel Free

In Gratitude to God for His Gracious Gifts
Anonymous Donors
Raymond & Ann Arnold
SSgt Ralph & beverly Ast
Margaret Barnhart
Marvin & Judith Bartell
Prof David & Barbara Bauer
Terry & Sonja Bauer
John & Kristy Beeskow
John & Carol Beeskow
Donald & Ruth Belisle
Roger & Nancy Borchard
David & Mary Borth
Rev John & Patricia Brenner
Marie Buetow
Amanda Buono
Al & Sue Cereske
Randy & Valorie Compton
Richard & Linda Douglas
Myron Dunbar
John & Linda Evans
Fritz & Judy Faber
Michael & Kathy Fetcenko
Rev Keith & Rachel Free
Rose Ann Geiger
Gary & Diane Gilgen
William & Elaine Hayes
Clayton & Edeen Hufnagel

Lynne Irving
Marvin & Karen Israel
Richard & Frances Kamnetz
Rev Armin & Marion Keibel
Larry & Janet Kirkman
Bernard & Bonnie Kitzman
Rev Robert Koeppen
Mark Krantz
Royce & Gloria Kriewall
Michael & Pam Krueger
William LaGore
Arthur & Sandra Luedeke
Rev Mark Luetzow
Dale & Beth Marquardt
William & LuAnn Mashke
Gloria McInturff
Harold & Carla Miller
Scott & Anne Miller
John & Mary Mitchell
Constance Novak
Casimer & Pamela Nowak
Rev Carl & Barbara Otto
Walter Priebe
Wendy Ristow
Richard and Cheryl Rothermel
Douglas Schleef
Daniel and Jeanette Schneider
Paul & Joyce Schultz
Ronald and Roseann Schultz
Wesley and Janet Siebert
Carl and Barbara Soll
Dr Richard and Madelon Spike
Verle Stellmacher

Dr Myles and Catharine Tonnacliff
Robert and Gretchen Trumble
Gladys Uchrinscko
Rodney Wallace
Terry and Melanie Watts
Charles and Bonnie Weiss
Ronald Wenzel
Benjamin and Leona Witkopp
Robert and Janet Zeisser
Christ Lutheran Church, Saginaw, MI
Faith Lutheran Church, Harrison, MI
Grace Lutheran Church
Hulda M Koch Charitable Foundation
John R Burt and Mildred B Burt Charitable Foundation
St Bartholomew Lutheran Church, Kawkawlin, MI
St John Lutheran Church, Hemlock, MI
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