The MLS Foundation was established in 2001 as a 501 (c) (3) public charity to assist high school students financially as they train for the public ministry. The Foundation also will assist students by funding special programs and projects, underwriting non-budgeted items for the school, supporting international cross-cultural programs and providing college scholarships to Martin Luther College. All donations are tax deductible under the IRS code.
What is the MLS Foundation's legal name and tax id number?
Michigan Lutheran Seminary Foundation
Tax Identification #35-2159001

Thank you to Donors

Light Up A Student's Life

The MLS Foundation is pleased to have been able to assist Michigan Lutheran Seminary in the past year.

The Annual Report of the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year is now available. You can view it online by clicking on the image to the left.
If you prefer a hard copy, please call the MLS Foundation office at 989-793-7511 and we will arrange to get one to you.
Previous Reports

Online giving is available through our secure site. You will have to opportunity to direct your donation by selecting from several areas of need. These gifts can be credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank account.
You will have the choice to make a one time donation or to set up regular automatic gifts.

If you prefer to mail a gift you may download and print our donation form.
donate.jpg online

  or with PayPal
Please note: It takes up to 2 months for us to be notified of a PayPal donation.
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Endowed Funds
Alumni & Friends Student Tuition Assistance EndowmentIn 2016 generous donors made possible the establishment of an endowment to provide student tuition assistance to those attending MLS. Through God's blessings gifts continue to flow into this fund. With this continued growth, the MLS Foundation will be able to provide an ongoing stream of revenue and enable ever more students and their families to afford the Christ-centered education provided by MLS.
To contribute to this fund please select "Alumni & Friends Student Tuition Assistance Fund" when you donate online.
You can also select this fund if you download our donor form.
Endowed Scholarship Funds The MLS Foundation also holds and manages a number of Endowed Scholarships.
If you are interested in endowing a scholarship, please contact Josh Wakefield, Donor Relations Director for specific information regarding minimums and distributions.
If you wish to contribute to one of the existing Endowed Scholarships, these are the ones from which you may choose:
Rev. John F. and Ruth H. Brenner Scholarship
Roland and Esther Bode Fund
Rev. W. D. Keturakat Fund
Susan M. Post Scholarship
Lloyd & Edith Thompson Scholarship
James L Frohmader Memorial Scholarship
MLS Foundation Scholarship
Any of these may be selected when you make an online donation.
Non-Endowed Scholarship Fund The MLS Foundation also administers one non-endowed scholarship grant. Scholarships will be awarded anually based on the established criteria until the fund is depleted. Contributions are also accepted for this fund.
Rev. Harris Kaesmeyer Scholarship Grant
This may be selected when you make an online donation.
Memorials & Honorariums Do you have someone special that you’d like to honor or remember in a meaningful way?
A gift to Michigan Lutheran Seminary is a powerful way to impact the lives of our students, as well as to recognize someone you love or care about.
What’s an honorarium? Honorariums are gifts given in “honor” of a living person. Honorariums can honor someone special for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion. Perhaps you’d like to honor a parent who was committed to Christian education, an MLS graduate or a teacher who had a meaningful impact on your life. You will receive a gift thank you letter for your honorarium and, if you desire, we will send an acknowledgement (gift amount not listed) to the person you are honoring.
What’s a memorial? Memorials are gifts given in “memory” of someone who has died. Memorials are a powerful statement about the value of Christian education and the legacy of a loved one called to their heavenly home. You will receive a gift thank you letter for your memorial and, if you desire, we will send an acknowledgement (gift amount not listed) to those you wish us to notify.
How are memorials and honorariums used? Memorials and honorariums can be directed for any purpose you desire including MLS Foundation long term endowment, student assistance, named scholarship funds, areas of academics or music or other designated projects. If no designation is selected, gifts are used for student assistance.
Who may I contact if I have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Josh Wakefield with any questions. You can call him at 989-793-1010 ext. 245 or email him at jrw@mlsem.org.
Memorial and Honorarium Form
Eberhardt Society
Those who have remembered the MLS Foundation or Michigan Lutheran Seminary with legacy gifts are members of the Eberhardt Society. The MLS Foundation keeps members advised of legislation changes and assists with gifting strategies.

To learn more about the Eberherdt Society please contact Josh Wakefield, Donor Relations Director.
Privacy Policy Please refer to the MLS Foundation Privacy Policy

Thrivent Choice Dollars
There have been some questions about how Thrivent Choice works.
Read more here...
To contribute these dollars to support MLS:
Go to www.thrivent.com/thriventchoice
And select Choice Dollars on the left.
You will need to create a User ID
Once you do so, you will have to search.
You may choose either
Michigan Lutheran Seminary
Michigan Lutheran Seminary Foundation
When searching it is important to spell them out completely. Neither is abbreviated.
The MLS Foundation has decided to keep its Thrivent Choice dollars undesignated.
MLS has decided to use its Thrivent Choice dollars for current needs.

You may also split your dollars among several charities if you prefer.

To learn more about the program see the attached form.
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