Pastor John F. and Ruth H. Brenner Grant

This grant is given in memory of Pastor John F. Brenner (1917-2011) and his wife, Ruth H. Brenner (1922-2001), by friends and family.

Pastor Brenner served as a WELS pastor for forty-seven years, forty-one of those in the Michigan District.  Ruth was his faithful help meet for their fifty-six years of marriage, during which time Pastor Brenner served four congregations in three different states.

Pastor and Mrs. Brenner held MLS and its special purpose of preparing future pastors and teachers in high regard.  They showed support for the school by regular attendance at MLS functions, even in their retirement years.  They opened their home to the classmates of their children and grandchildren for over four decades.

They both were grateful for God’s blessings through service to the church, and freely encouraged students towards ministry.

This grant was given for the first time in 2012.
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